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Designated Areas of Support


These Chairs and Professorships have been established to attract and retain distinguished faculty at Cleveland State University College of Law.

  • The Charles R. Emrick Jr./Calfee, Halter & Griswold Endowment Fund
  • Joseph C. Hostetler—Baker & Hostetler Endowed Chair in Law
  • Steven W. Percy Distinguished Professor of Law​
  • Leon M. and Gloria Plevin Endowed Professorship
  • James A. Thomas Professorship


You can earmark your support to a variety of scholarship funds at CSU College of Law. If a scholarship fund is endowed, a portion of the interest earned each year is spent while the corpus of the fund remains intact; thus, endowed funds exist into perpetuity.

Scholarship funds to which you can direct your support include:

  • Russell T. Adrine ’54 Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Judge Ann Aldrich Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Judge Ann Aldrich/Judge Patricia Ann Blackmon LCOP Scholarship Fund
  • The Mary Ann Bagus ’82 Memorial Fund
  • Frank L. Bartak ’54 Endowed Memorial Fund
  • Werner G. Barthol Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • James J. Bartolozzi Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Justice Harry Blackmun (ACLU) Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Donald E. Bolton Endowed Scholarship
  • Judge Lillian Burke ’51 Scholarship Fund
  • Dinkar Chitaley Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • College of Law Scholarship Fund
  • Herman H. David ’23 Memorial Scholarship in Law
  • Delta Theta Phi Founders Room Endowment
  • Milton Dunn Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Ernst & Young Tax Scholarship
  • Federal Bar Association Endowment Fund
  • Judge Charles Fleming ’55 Scholarship Fund
  • Judge Nancy A. Fuerst ’& Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Frank L. Gallucci Jr. Scholarship Fund
  • Louis B. Geneva Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Carl Glickman Award for Academic Excellence
  • David B. Goshien Endowed Scholarship
  • Judge Mary B. Grossman Endowed Fund
  • Michael and Gloria Gruhin Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Donald L. Guarnieri Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Robert and Louise Haskins Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Jack Hudson Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Hughes Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Julian and Etole Kahan Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Keenan Family Scholarship Fund
  • Lynne Arko and Michael Kelley Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Tom A. King Jr. Memorial Endowed Fund
  • Albert Knopp ’61 Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Krenzler Annual Scholarship
  • H. Howard Laundy Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman, Co., LPA Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Walter Lee McCombs Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Judge George J. McMonagle Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Karen B. Newborn Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Max Ratner ’29 Endowed Fund
  • Marie Rehmar Endowed Scholarship Fund for Dual Degree Law and Urban Studies Students
  • Irene and Louis Rennillo Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Manuel M. Rocker ’33 Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Howard M. Rossen Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Joseph Saslaw ’28 Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Ethel Scheingold Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Vida Shiffrer Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Joseph D. Smith Endowed Scholarship
  • Dean Wilson G. Stapleton Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Steven H. Steinglass Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Louis Stokes ’53 Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Stokes Family Scholarship Fund
  • John J. Sutula Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • William K. Thomas Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • James A. Thomas Scholarship Fund
  • Robert C. Tucker Scholarship
  • Maurice M. Weltman—Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Judge George W. White, Jr. Scholarship Fund
  • Frederic P. White Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • June W. Wiener Endowment
  • Iris S. and Bert L. Wolstein Endowed Scholarship Fund


Fellowship funds to which you can direct your support include:

  • Mary Kashner Becker Public Interest Fellowship Fund
  • Max I. Kohrman Fellowship
  • Steven C. LaTourette Graduate Public Interest Fellowship
  • James and Teresa Lowe Endowed Fellowship Fund
  • Grant and David Roth Fellowship
  • Charna Sherman and David Weiner Community Service Fellowship
  • Edith and Sidney Simon Civil Liberties Fellowship
  • Marilyn Tobocman Equal Access to Justice Fellowship Award


  • Center for Cybersecurity & Privacy Protection
  • Criminal Justice Center
  • Global Space Law Center
  • Center for Health Law & Policy


You may designate your gift for specific awards or for extra-curricular activities and clinical programs in which students engage. These include:

  • Black Law Students Association
  • Cleveland State Law Review
  • Global Business Law Review
  • Journal of Law and Health
  • Law and Public Policy Clinic/Community Advocacy Clinic
  • Law Art Initiative Fund
  • Law Library Gifts
  • Moot Court Endowment Fund
  • Vicki and Jack Plata Law Library Book Fund
  • Student Bar Association
  • Barbara J. Tyler Award Fund